About Lisa

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"I really appreciate the way you encourage me to tell you just how I want things and you rework them until I love them. You are talented but you also have qualities that set you apart from others in your field."

Charlotte Cole, www.CharlottesSoul.com

Lisa C Barnett, Internet Marketing CoachI am the owner and designer of Barnett Websites - Inspired Marketing. I offer full website solutions to bring appealing and effective online presence to small businesses, groups, and organizations.

My personal goals are to learn something new at least once a week so that I can expand on my knowledge and improve my value as a web designer, course builder, and social media strategist, as well as running my business efficiently and successfully!

My goals for business are to provide affordable and effective web solutions to enable more growth within our economy and to help bring about a positive change.

Barnett Websites' Mission Statement: It's my joy to design online platforms to introduce your passion to the world!

Specialties: online course building, web design, social media, internet marketing coaching for individuals and teams, email systems,  graphic design, video support, etc.