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Spanish and English Version of What I Know About My God Coloring Book
What I Know About My God Coloring Book Sneak Peak Preview

What I Know About My God

A Coloring Journal of Discovery

In "What I know about My God" Your child will find unique coloring pages with a truth about God, scripture handwriting practice pages, memory verse cut outs, and a place to journal a prayer or a lesson they learned while spending time with Jesus!

Who I Am In Christ: The Journey to Me.

WHO I AM IN CHRIST: The journey to me.

Walking through this journal will help you understand God's love for you and who He has created you to be! Salvation is yours when you accept Christ as your savior!

It's perfect for ages 8 and up for teaching them to look at scriptures about who they are in Christ and asking the questions, what does this mean to me and how will it change my life believing it's true? It's also reinforcing praying the scriptures back to God and how to look practically about sharing what you have learned with others.

My Gratitude Journal

31 Days of Gratitude With Jesus

My Gratitude Journal is designed to finish in 31 days, but can be done any way you find that fits your child.

There are two pages set for each day for them to share what they are grateful for and a memory verse they're studying, along with a place to write their prayers while learning a new name of God on each page. There's a coloring page separating four weeks and foundational scriptures from the New International Readers Version (NIRV) placed all throughout the journal.

Prayers and Scriptures to Live By:

Write your own prayers and scriptures as you need them.

This notebook is designed to give you the space to write your prayers and scriptures as you process your days. Journaling is a beautiful way to share your thoughts that may otherwise be stuck inside and cause you to dwell on those things that are not lovely and pure. Bringing them to the light of the pen and paper helps you to ask the questions that are needing to be answered in order to know what is true and what is the lies of the enemy. Use this space to be transparent and real to yourself and to God. May your healing come from the laying down of your cares to the One who Cares for you!

Blessings and Peace be yours!

Prayers and Scriptures to Live By
Inspired Daily Planner

Inspired Daily Planner

31 Days of planning for your daily activities and tasks.
Be organized so you get the important things done... not more!


Customization Available

Best for: Client Resources, Product Sales, Gifts for Clients, Students, Family and Friends

We are currently creating a notebook with a beach theme for one of our clients who rents condos at Ocean Isle Beach.

What could you dream up for your business, personal project or ministry?

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