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My Gratitude Journal - 31 Days of Gratitude with Jesus

I've designed a gratitude journal with your kids in mind! I love teaching the kiddos at my church and really have enjoyed the learning curve of how to be a teacher that helps them to love Jesus more everyday. They are teaching me a lot, I hope to teach them a fraction as much so I stay prayed up and stay in God's Word daily!! I'm also so thrilled to be in a learning environment for training up Kid Ministry Leaders with Kid Min Academy. It's been just what I have been needing and I am sure there will be plenty of ideas to help encourage the children to grow in their love for the Lord! I'd love your prayers for these kids and all the children in our world. Everyone needs Jesus!!

As a gift for my students at church, this gratitude journal was birthed. Summer was coming and I wanted to give them something that would encourage them to be thankful for all God has done for them and remind them to be creative and be in God's Word daily!

My Gratitude Journal is designed to finish in 31 days, but can be done any way you find that fits your child. There are two pages set for each day for them to share what they are grateful for and a memory verse they're studying, along with a place to write their prayers while learning a new name of God on each page. Separating the weeks is a coloring page and foundational scriptures from the New International Readers Version (NIRV) placed all throughout the journal. My hope is that your child would see this as their work of art and as an offering to their heavenly Father. Get yours today by visiting Amazon here: https://lisacbarnett.com/gratitude.

Take a look inside "My Gratitude journal"

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