Who I Am In Christ: I am a new creation!

WHO I AM IN CHRIST: I am a new creation!

Spend nine weeks of intentional time studying God's Word with scriptures that help you to know who you are in Christ. It's broken down in four categories to help you see clearly how the Lord invites you personally into a divine relationship with Him. Walking through this journal will help you understand God's love for you and who He has created you to be! Salvation is yours when you accept Christ as your savior!

Learn that you are made in God's image and when you believe by faith that Christ is your Savior, you are a New Creation! Discover how you are unified with the body of Christ as the indwelling presence of God within believers is the source of your overcoming power.

Find that Adoption as God's Children grants you a privilege of inheritance the same as Christ! Yes, you are joint heirs!

Be further amazed by learning that your citizenship is not of this earth, but in Heaven!! Uncovering all these facts will truly transform your understanding of who you are in Christ and as you begin to let the Lord reveal more of His promises to you, it will transform your life!

Walking through the pages in this journal, you will find scriptures that speak to who you are in Christ as well as space to journal what the scriptures mean to you and how it will change you as you believe these truths. There is space for you to write a prayer or use the provided prayers with each scripture to encourage praying the scriptures as a spiritual discipline.

You are loved and are being prayed for!

So God created human beings in his own likeness. He created them to be like himself. He created them as male and female. ~ Genesis 1:27

Book Preview

Who I Am In Christ: I am a new creation!

Book Preview

Kindle version: Who I Am In Christ: I am a new creation!

How to use this book

In the following pages, there are two pages to one scripture prompt. It is encouraged that you take one day to use two pages and go through the prompts to begin spending time with God.

Reading the scriptures to understand who you are in Christ, learning what the scripture is saying and how it changes the way you live your life is an intentional way to bring about spiritual growth for the individual.

Take extra time throughout your day meditating on the Word and listening for an invitation from God to walk it out in your daily life.

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We're praying for you!!

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